P60076-16 WG

Standard Requirements for Wind Turbine Generator Transformers Working Group

Chair Vice-Chair Secretary
Philip J. Hopkinson
HVolt, Inc.
3704 High Ridge Rd
Charlotte, NC 28270, U.S.A.
Phone: (704) 846-3290
City, State, U.S.A.
Phone: XXXX
E-Mail: XXXX
Donald E. Ayers
Ayers Transformer Consulting LLC
8808 Anklin Forrest Drive
Waxhaw, NC 28173, U.S.A.
Phone: (704) 243-3222

Status/WG Documents

Spring 2018 Agenda 1Mar2018
IEC Version P60076-16 Final1Mar2018
IEEE Version P60076-16 D31Mar2018

Previous Meetings Discussions/Topics

P60076-16 Recirculation Ballot Comments – PDF 10Oct2016
P60076-16 Recirculation Ballot Comments – XLSX Posted 10Oct2016
P60076-16 Comments on Ballot 2Nov2015
P60076-16 Working Clean 28Oct2015
P60076-16 Working Mark-ups 28Oct2015
Fall 2013 Presentation – IEC-IEEE Joint Development, Jodi Haasz 23Oct2013
Fall 2013 Presentation – Wind Power TR Design Considerations, Phil Hopkinson 23Oct2013
Normative References 07Mar2012
Switching Induced Transients 07Mar2012

Reference Materials:

The files listed below have special passwords. To access the files you must be a member of the WG. If you want to access the files, you will need to contact the WG Chair. Permission is granted by the American National Standards Institute to reproduce these International Standards for the purpose of review and comment related to the preparation of a U.S. position, provided this notice is included. All other rights are reserved.

Limited to WG Access:

IEC 60076-16 Ed.1
IEC 60071-1{ed8.0}b.
IEC 60071-2{ed3.0}b
IEC 60076-1{ed2.1}b
IEC 60076-2{ed2.0}b.img
IEC 60076-3{ed2.0}b
IEC 60076-4{ed1.0}b
IEC 60076-5{ed3.0}b
IEC 60076-6{ed1.0}b
IEC 60076-7{ed1.0}b
IEC 60076-8{ed1.0}b
IEC 60076-10-1{ed1.0}b
IEC 60076-10{ed1.0}b
IEC 60076-11{ed1.0}b

IEC 60076-12{ed1.0}b
IEC 60076-13{ed1.0}b
IEC 60076-14{ed2.0}en
IEC 60076-15{ed1.0}b
IEC 60076-16{ed1}
IEC 60137
IEC 60137{ed5.0}b
IEC 60214-1{ed1.0}b
IEC 60270{ed3.0}b
IEC 60282-1{ed6.0}b
IEC 60296{ed3.0}b
IEC 60815-1{ed1.0}en
IEC 6083 {ed1.0}b
IEC 61099{ed1.0}b.img
IEC 61100{ed1.0}b.img
IEC 61378-1{ed1.0}b
IEC 61378-3{ed1.0}b
IEC 61400-1{ed3.0}b
IEC 62271-100{ed2.0}b
ISO 12944-1
ISO 12944-2
ISO 12944-3
ISO 12944-4
ISO 12944-5
ISO 12944-6
ISO 12944-7
ISO 12944-8