Draft Guide for the Interpretation of Gases in Oil Immersed Transformers

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Claude Beauchemin
Phone: (450) 373-5945
E-Mail: claude.beauchemin@ieee.org
Norman Field
Phone: (204) 284-8100
E-Mail: nfield@teshmont.com
Don Platts
Phone: (610) 703-4062
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Susan McNelly
Phone: (612) 330-6904
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Status/WG Documents

Spring 2019 WG Unapproved Meeting Minutes 27Mar2019
Electronic vote on Comment Resolution Group responses to Recirculation Ballot 1: Recirculation1_CRG_BallotDocuments, C57.104D6.1 redlined version
Special WG Vote on J. Thompson Ballot Comments 31Dec2018
Fall 2018 WG Unapproved Minutes 7Nov2018
Spring 2018 Guide Examples – Fields (Planned for presentation at Spring meeting, but ran out of time) 30Mar2018
PC57.104-D4.3 Comparison to D4.1 5Mar2018

Previous Meetings Documents:

Spring 2015 Jakob/Dukarm Paper 15Apr2015 Committee Password required
Fall 2013 Presentation – Claude Beauchemin 25Oct2013
Spring 2013 Data Review Presentation 26Apr2013
Fall 2012 Presentation Case Studies by Paul Boman 23Oct2012
Fall 2012 Presentation-Bibliography by Jerry Murphy 23Oct2012, Committee Password required.
Fall 2012 Presentation Data Analysis by Luiz Cheim 23Oct2012
Spring 2012 Presentation on Analysis Overview by Claude Beauchemin 13Mar2012
Presentation on DGA Analysis by Jim Dukarm 2Nov2011
Spring 2011 List of Propositions to C57.104 29Mar2011
Fall 2009 Presentation by Tom Prevost on DGA Threshhold Levels based on TR size 03Mar2010, Committee Password required
TR Information to be Provided with DGA Data 28Feb2010