LATEST COMMITTEE MINUTES – Spring 2021 Virtual Meeting

Minutes of previous meetings

NOTE: Meeting minutes are considered unapproved until they are approved at the next meeting held.

Executive Reports:

Main Minutes .
Chair’s Report 21Apr2021
Vice Chair’s Report 17Mar2021
Secretary’s Report. 17Mar2021
Standards Status Report R1 .23Apr2021 / Summary Report .
Editor’s Report .19Apr2021
Treasurer’s Report  5Apr2021
Recognition and Awards: Report / Presentation: Video (139MB), PDF 25Apr2021

Reports of Technical Subcommittees:

Administrative Minutes .
Annex A: Bushings Minutes .
Annex B: Dielectric TestMinutes .
Annex C: DistributionMinutes .
Annex D: Dry TypeMinutes .
Annex E: HVDC Converter Transformers and Smoothing ReactorsMinutes .
Annex F: Instrument TransformersMinutes .
Annex G: Insulating FluidsMinutes .
Annex H: Insulation LifeMinutes .
Annex I: Meeting PlanningMinutes .
Annex J: Performance CharacteristicsMinutes .
Annex K: Power TransformersMinutes .
Annex L: StandardsMinutes .
Annex M: Subsurface Transformers and Network ProtectorsMinutes .

Reports of Liaison Representatives:

ASTM D27 – Report 26Apr2021
CIGRE – Report 26Apr2021
Standards Coordinating Committee 4 (SCC 4) – Report 26Apr2021
Standards Coordinating Committee 18, 2020 NEC Section 450 (SCC 18) – Report .
IEC TC-14Report 26Apr2021, Wed Agenda 23Apr2021 , Wed Presentation