April 26 – 29, 2021


The on-line meeting registration system will be enabled soon, around March 5. Those registered within the AM System will receive a notice at that time. April 14 will be the final day to register for the meeting at the lower registration fee,. After April 14 and no later than April 23, the higher registration fee will apply. Registrations cannot be accepted after April 23 and refunds will not be issued.




Due to continued concerns around travel and group gatherings during this pandemic the decision was made to again move forward with our spring meeting as a virtual meeting.

We will be keeping the schedule as close to “normal” as possible, utilizing Webex “meeting rooms” for the task force and working group meetings, as well as, the general sessions and tutorials. All meeting times will be set in the central time zone to take place between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. We will use the normal AMS registration process, and a registration fee will be charged to cover meeting facilitation charges among other costs.

Our upcoming Spring Transformer Committee meeting will use the same format as the meeting last fall.

  • Your meeting will be held on Webex and anyone who has registered for the Spring meeting can attend.  They will have access to a website which will be the central platform for the virtual meeting and they can login to any activity from there at the appropriate time.
  • We have again hired a company called PSAV to manage the virtual meeting for us.  This includes having a dedicated Encore (formerly PSAV) technical expert for each meeting to handle any issues and to support you.  They will initiate the meeting, handle attendance and perform voting.
  • You as the leader just need to show up (early!) for the meeting – you are not required to handle the normal host actions of a conference call (as I am sure you have all done during the past months).
  • You can share your screen during the meeting to show your presentation/draft guide etc or have Encore do the presenting for you (but Encore will need the presentation 1 week before the meeting)
  • We recommend that the chairman has a camera for the meeting.  This can just be the webcam on your computer.  Encore will help you on this.  A video of the chairman during the meeting will be a better experience for the participants.
  • You should have a slide with the members of your activity for when you do roll call.  We suggest you ask the members to use the raise their hand button to acknowledge they are there.  This will be a quick way to establish quorum.  As always, the secretary will do the official attendance later with the list of the participants.
  • Simple votes with expected unanimous approval, like approval of minutes or agenda, can be dispensed with by simply stating “hearing no requests for changes the minutes/agenda are approved as written.”  This can expedite a few of the administrative steps to allow the meetings to move along quickly without the need for motions and seconds.
  • Known motions for the body of the meeting should be prepared in advance.
  • If an official vote is needed, then we will use an app in the platform to administer the vote.  Members can vote with the app and Encore will log the votes and send you the results.  You will instantly get the for and against vote.  You will hear more about this in the training.
  • Encore will take attendance by logging all the participants that joined the meeting.  You will be sent this file so you can take attendance in AMS.
  • Please be organized for your meeting as always and it is recommended to have any presenters well planned.  You should have a copy of their presentation ahead of the meeting.





Copyright Presentation from 5Oct2020:  PDF, WEBEX Video

Newcomers Orientation:  PDF / Video (75MB) 7Apr2021 / 8Apr2021

Awards Presentation:  Video (139MB), PDF 25Apr2021

Presentation 1: Effect of Reverse Power Flow on Transformers
Presented by: Martin Rave, Ed teNyenhuis and Parag Upadhyay
Abstract, PDF, Video (140MB) Rev 18Mar2021/S9Apr2021

Presentation 2: HVDC Part 1, HVDC System Aspects (LCC and VSC) (Part 2 will be presented at the Fall 2021 Meeting)
Presented by: Les Recksiedler, Klaus Pointner, Pierre Riffon and Ulf Radbrandt
Abstract, PDF, Video (129MB)  31Mar2021/S9Apr2021