Spring 2020 Minutes

Minutes of previous meetings

NOTE: The Spring 2020 Meeting in Charlotte, NC was cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.   The below minutes were from the Administrative SC that was held virtually.  Meeting minutes are considered unapproved until they are approved at the next meeting held.

Executive Reports:

Chair’s Report R1 26May2020
Vice Chair’s Report
Secretary’s Report 19May2020
Standards Status Report 8Jul2020 / Summary Report 8Jul2020
Editor’s Report
Treasurer’s Report 19May2020 / Mtg Revenue/Expense Summary .
Recognition and Awards Report No Awards presented / Tuesday Presentation No Presentation due to cancelled mtg 

Reports of Technical Subcommittees:

Administrative Minutes posted 22Jul2020 for meeting held 21May2020

No other SC Meetings held  

Reports of Liaison Representatives:

No Reports presented due to meeting cancelation