Companies with active members in the Transformers Committee are invited to sponsor breaks at our meetings. Companies interested in sponsoring a break need to contact James Edward (Ed) Smith by e-mail at to be added to the waiting list. Companies can specify which future meeting and day they would like to sponsor or simply chose the next available slot. Choice of meetings and break days are on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you are added to the list, you can still cancel up to 60 days before the meeting. If there is a cancellation, the other sponsors on the list with “next available” preference will be asked, in order, if they would like to take that break day. If no “next available” sponsors on the list are interested, the future meeting sponsors will be asked in order and if no future meeting sponsors on the list are interested, other sponsors will be solicited. Companies may not sponsor breaks in consecutive meetings.

The cost of sponsoring a break-day is $2500. The sponsor’s contribution helps to offset the high costs of coffee, drinks and snacks that we must order from the host hotel so we can maintain high-quality refreshments and keep meeting costs under control. There are three break-days available for each meeting – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There are normally four 15-minute breaks each day- two morning and two afternoon breaks.

Sponsors can set up signs and informative information in the break areas. We will gladly prepare a simple sponsor sign with logo and contact information and provide an easel, if the sponsor prefers. All sponsor assistants manning the break areas for support need to be registered for the meeting.

The Committee meetings are intended to be technical and not commercial so commercial activities must be kept to a minimum. We strongly recommend that sponsors distribute technical and educational information and not just sales literature, when possible. CDs with technical information are also greatly appreciated by the members who often pack heavy loads of paper back and forth from these meetings. Displays cannot be disruptive, and photos or displays that could offend any of our members are not permitted. Any audio or video displays need to be pre-approved by James Edward (Ed) Smith.

The current waiting list of future sponsors can be found by clicking on the following: Meeting Break Sponsors