since 1970

Aicher, Louis C. (Fellow) – Deceased
. 1992
. for contributions in power transformer design relative to impulse testing techniques and analysis, corona measurement, and fault detection

Allan, Dennis J. (Life Fellow) – Deceased
. 1992
. for contributions to the design and development of power transformers.

Balma, Peter M. (Life Fellow)
. 2013
. for leadership in developing technical guides for electric power equipment

Bartnikas, Ray (Life Fellow)
. 1977
. for contributions to the field of dielectric and corona loss mechanisms in electrical insulating systems

Bartley, William (Life Fellow)
. 2014
. for contributions to the development of generator and transformer standards for life cycle planning and risk assessment

Degeneff, Robert C. (Life Fellow) – Deceased
. 1993
. for contributions to the modeling and computation of transient voltages in transformer windings

Girgis, Ramsis S. (Life Fellow)
. 1993
. for contributions to reductions in the losses of large power transformers

Harley, John (Life Fellow)
. 2020
. for development of monitoring and pump bearing systems for power transformers

Harlow, James H. Harlow (Life Fellow)
. 2013
. for leadership in IEEE technical and standardization committees on transformer technology

Hoffman, Gary (Fellow)
. 2015
. for leadership in the advancement of monitoring systems for power transformers and power line protection

Hopkinson, Philip John (Life Fellow)
. 2002
. for contributions to the reliability of distribution transformers and the development of related standards for testing and application

Kennedy, Sheldon (Life Fellow)
. 2016
. for leadership in the technology and standards for rectifier, inverter and harmonic-mitigating transformers

Long, Leonard W.
. 1980
. for leadership in the development and application of power transformer standards

McNutt, William J. (Life Fellow) – Deceased
. 1976
. for contributions to the design of power transformers ad standardization of test procedures

McShane, Charles Patrick (Fellow)
. 2019
. for leadership in safety, performance, and sustainability of power transformers

Moore, Harold R. (Life Fellow)
. 1997
. for leadership in the development, design, and application of power transformers and associated equipment

Pierce, Linden W. (Life Fellow)
. 2000
. for contributions to the understanding of heat transfer and loading of liquid-immersed and dry type power and distribution transformers

Veitch, Robert A. (Life Fellow) – Deceased
. 1998
. for leadership in the development and design of very large and extra high voltage transformers, shunt reactors and associated equipment

Wagenaar, Loren B. (Life Fellow)
. 1996
. for contributions to transformer and bushing test standards and specifications

Yannucci, Dean A. (Life Fellow) – Deceased
. 1990
. for leadership in the development and manufacture of large power transformers