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Definitions – Standards Committee/Board

Many times at Transformer Committee Meetings there are discussions of various committees that are part of the process for developing standards.  The committees are all part of the IEEE Standards organization (IEEE-SA) and are staffed with volunteers from around the world.  The following discussion briefly describes some of the key committees, and how they are part of the standards process.  Additional information can be found at:

NesCom  – The New Standards Committee examines Project Authorization Requests (PARs) and makes recommendations to the IEEE-SA Standards Board regarding approval.  When  a PAR is submitted for a new standards project, or a Modified PAR or PAR Extension request is entered in MyProject it is reviewed by this committee.  In the course of this process questions may be received from this committee to which it is extremely important to respond.  Unanswered questions will prevent a PAR from being approved.

RevCom – The Standards Review Committee recommends the approval or disapproval of standards submitted for approval or adoption.  At the end of a project, completion of balloting, and resolution of ballot comments, the standard, ballot results and ballot resolution comments are all submitted to RevCom.  RevCom reviews all of this material to make sure all procedural requirements have been satisfied.  As with NesCom, questions may be received from RevCom to which it is extremely important to respond. Unanswered questions can prevent a standard from being recommended for approval.

AudCom – The Audit Committee reviews and inspects Sponsor and Working group Policies and Procedures (P & P) to make sure they adhere to the IEEE-SA Standards Board bylaws.  After the Transformers Committee’s Sponsor P&P and Working group P&P were approved they were sent to this committee for review.

IEEE-SA Board – All final approvals for PARs and standards are made by the Board based on recommendations from AudCom, NesCom, and RevCom.  In the front of any of our published standards, the names of all of the board members are listed.

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